Tomorrow I’m going to a very swank gallery opening.  And I could imagine seeing a look like this there:


Interesting design.  I even like the back:


Feels a tad risque, but I like it.  However, I am not digging this:

Way too matronly for someone like our girl.  You are not some suburbanite saddled with three screaming babes under the age of five who is trying to both a). hide the 22 pounds of pregnancy weight you put on from Tommy, Luke and Timmy and b). take a fashion “risk” with the detailed (read heinous) black designs.


You are Blair.  Young, fun, lives in the big city.  Which also means:

A resounding NO to this.  Are you taking fashion advice from Vanessa?  (Low blow I know).  Way too busy and way too ugly for you.  Heartbreak does not give you the right to take leave of your fashion sense.  Now granted, you are at a hipster party.  I supposed this is a when in Rome type of moment.


Still, I prefer this lovely image.  A pair dressed to the nines (I mean no one can rock a bow tie like C. Bass) and clearly in love.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the grand love affair between you two can be resurrected, just like I know Lindsey Lohan’s career will be.  (Another low blow.  Forgive me, a Lilo classic, the Patent Trap, was on tonight).


And with all of Chuck’s meddling in Nate’s love life in this ep, don’t you think our suave quasi-villain could have found time to meddle in N’s closet?

Way too casual for Nate.  Seems like something more Dan’s speed.  I’m guessing though, Nate didn’t have too many clean button downs left (see below for the two who are causing N to rack up the dry cleaning bills on those light blue babies).