Blair and Chuck are like my dynamic duo on Gossip Girl. At least, they were. I still love them as a couple and they can out-act Serena any day, but sweet jesus in a breadbasket, their outfits are getting boring. If it weren’t for the tailoring, I’d say they were getting dangerously close to Dan territory. Even though it’s become far too muted for my liking, I still adore Chuck’s commitment to purple.


But why is he limiting himself to wearing patterns on only the pocket squares? I know he wants the business community to take him seriously, but come on! Patterns! Colour! The fans demand it! At least he mixes it up with his outwear. Like what appears to be velvet and purple.


Finally, something interesting. I need to point out though, that the jeweler he visits is wearing a paisley tie. Chuck used to wear paisley ties with aplomb. I miss those days.


Instead of artfully mixing patterns and colours, he spends his days looking like an extra for that Wall Street sequel.


A word of advice: Chuck Bass, you are better than any movie starring Shia LaBeouf. Don’t dress like you play Shia’s co-worker. Once again, he redeems himself through outerwear. If only he could do that all the time. But I’ll take what I can get and that’s a plaid wool coat:


Nice coat, right? Well, the awesome doesn’t stop there. Let’s take a closer look at the collar:

It’s a cable knit! Yes! I knew you still had a bit of your old fashionable self still in there somewhere (also: note the studs instead of buttons). Ditch the grey suits Chuck, please. For your fans.


Blair doesn’t do much that is exciting or to redeem her lackluster wardrobe. Here’s another episode where Blair wears yet another tailored dress with a big zipper and strong shoulders.


At least they got cute in the costume department and gave her a fleur de lys pendant.


The only time Blair has any fun all episode is when she decides that she’s going to have some role play fun as Anna Karenina.


Questionable, but I applaud her committment to the role playing. Her formal wear is pretty enough, but is once again limited to black and sequins.


I know you’ve left high school and headbands behind, but like I’ve told Dan and Chuck: colour is your friend. Unlike Chuck, her outerwear doesn’t redeem itself. Instead, she looks like she just stepped off the set of Dynasty.


As the reviewer for New York Magazine pointed out, Jenny could have used Blair’s gigantic earrings as a way to smuggle in drugs.

Still ugly, but less hideous than Serena and Violette in that bolero.