People do not lounge around their homes in high heeled boots.  They just don’t, even if the boots are fabulous and elevate an already cute outfit.  Believability FAIL.


::Pause.  Blink, blink::

No.  Just, no.


Lily is quickly becoming my GG wardrobe crush. Classic style with a modern twist.


It’s like one of those “Who wore it better?” features.  I vote Team Lily.  Maureen looks lost, as though the jacket is wearing her.


Oh Lily, can you do no wrong?  You are the very picture of an Upper East Side hostesses.  Perhaps one who ditches her guests and hides in the den drinking scotch, but let’s not split hairs.


Here’s a shot of Cece on video chat.  She looks like a librarian.  A librarian whose heart “pumps gin and secrets” (thank you, Dan) but a librarian nevertheless.


Ah, this is better.  Polished, poised, and a bit poisonous.


I have mixed feelings about this coat.  On the one hand, it’s colorful and funky.  On the other hand, it looks like a peacock threw up.  Let’s take a closer look….


I’m going with regurgitation du peacock.


Help me understand something.  Vanessa was sitting around at home in this outfit, had a fight with her mom, and rushed over to Dan’s in this outfit, and is now baking in this outfit?  Outside of that preposterousness, I will say that the purple is lovely on Vanessa, and even the gargantuan necklace isn’t so bad.  That skirt, though…best take it off before flour gets all over it.  Or my retinas explode.  Whichever comes first.


Ya know…I don’t hate this!  It could do without the coin medallion and with some smaller earrings, but overall it’s in keeping with Vanessa style without being too offensive.


Somewhere, there’s a photo of me on the floor at about 18 months, with my mother’s costume jewelry strewn all about.  I am wearing approximately four necklaces and two bracelets.  I grew out of that stage.  Gabriela did not.


Well, this isn’t so bad.  It’s sort of festive, and is a bit less fortune teller-ish…


No, nevermind.  She’s still giving Miss Cleo a run for her money.