This episode contains one of the most brilliant moments in Gossip Girl history.  I’m talking, of course, about the three minutes of genius that took place around the Thanksgiving tables.  The whispering!  The accusations!  Rufus’ oblivion!  Plus!  We had Cece and Eleanor!  Exclamation points!!!  Oh, the rest of the episode?  Serena and Tripp are two seriously dumb mofos.  That’s about all you need to know.


Gasp!  Oh my goodness!  Serena, is that you?  Wearing an outfit that’s appropriate for business?



Well, that’s a relief…Camel toe-inducing pants save the day!  Thank goodness, S.  For a minute there I thought you’d gone native.



Speaking of girly bits, whenever someone tells me my coat appears to be embroidered with them, I get this same look on my face.


Serena, again with the appropriateness!  This hairstyle is lovely and the dress you’re wearing for Thanksgiving appears to be…dare we say it?  Demure.



Aaaaand just like that, it’s not.  Yes, this is an excellent choice of attire for a) a family function where b) your luv-ah will be there with his current wife.  I’m sure she won’t suspect a thing when she sees you in this dress.  Why, it’s practically Amish.



Nate does casual cool so well.  Good shoes and a coat with grey jeans and a slim-cut plaid shirt.  Big ups, Nate.



Tripp’s hair is going places, man.  You can’t keep it down!  It’s gonna head somewhere northwest of Tripp’s head as soon as it possibly can.  Look, it’s inching that way already!



I assume this grin is the result of seeing Serena’s Skanksgiving day dress.



Maureen looks awkward.  Maybe it’s the summer floral combined with black tights and a wool jacket.  Or maybe it’s because she’s standing in the presence of The Other Woman.

No, it’s her outfit.