Confidence is key to Chuck pulling off this color combination….but he’s got that swagger in spades.

And this is Blair’s “relaxed” look.  You can tell because her clothes aren’t dripping in intricate details.  The color won’t stop you dead in your tracks.  And sakes alive, not every hair seems to be in place!


Now this coat is more like the B we know and love.  It’s in her favorite style (a trench), only Blair could manage the care of this pristine color, and the slight ruffles under the collar?  Perfect.


And Blair’s beau stays true to form by selecting loungewear in quite the striking hue.  Purple is made for royalty, and Bass baby looks like a King.


Love the cuff, the dress I’m not crazy about.  Especially because Blair goes head to head at this event with Serena, whose clad in her one-shoulder LBD.  And for this round at least, the blonde delivers a quick KO. 

Does anyone else see shades of Dynasty in Blair’s choice of frocks for the Cotillion Ball?  It’s the second coming of Alexis Carrington, in a hell yes I’m the Queen bow down to me blazen red dress, with that signature Blair frill of the huge bow around her waist.