We here at YKYLF don’t like to beat around the bush…so let’s make note of the elephant in the proverbial (chat) room.  We know everyone is talking about this week’s episode because of, well, um, little J and her leather gloves of course!  We jest dear readers…this episode became an especially hot watercooler topic because of the Dan, Olivia, Vanessa action, but we’ll leave the one, two, three times a lady? talk to the pundits, the politicos, and the Parents Television Council, and get on to the business of what we know and love…the fashion!

Jenny was the style star in this week’s episode.  Her miles of legs, and scrap of fabric someone (not me, but someone) would call a skirt, remind me of something friends of mine (never yours truly) would do when they went out in high school.  Have an “appropriate” outfit on to pass the parental check…a leather jacket, tights and booties, a skirt that’s past your fingertips–why you’re good to go hit up that burger joint!  But post check, I (I mean my friends) would hike that skirt up.  Could that be what little J did?  Because the photo is screaming out:

Hello world!  I’m Jenny, and these are my thighs.  But look at my smart top.  But um, really, how could you, because I’m wearing a skirt that is ABSURDLY SHORT.

This next dress is a little too Stevie Nicks for me.  It ages her significantly.

For Jenny’s big debut, however, I think this is perfect.  She looks, dare I say, her age?  

Here’s a closer look…I love the fabric.  She looks elegant.


But of course little J has to funk it up.  And so I present to you her super cool, only cover half her hand, I mean why don’t they cover the entire hand, black leather gloves.