The return of Jenny and Eric…they do still exist! Serena still hasn’t learned what is appropiate workwear.  Blair and Chuck try to work out their issues, which clearly are on a whole other level of normal people relationship issues.  Dan has qualms about hitting the sheets with Lizzie McGui…I mean Olivia. 


Classic Blair.  Not quite as stuffy as we have seen previously, and finally we see a little leg! Not showing her cheeks like her BFF likes to, but highly appropiate.  The ruffle blouse and the detail on the sweater are a little much together…I suppose then it wouldn’t be a “Blair” outfit.


I LOVE these colors on Blair!  The skirt color is simiar to a top she wore in an earlier episode and it is gorgeous.  Again, another classic “Blair” outfit.  There is really nothing bad I can say about it.  I like the blouse with the perfect placement of the brooch, and you can’t go wrong with a pencil skirt.  Definitely one of the best outfits of the whole episode!


Has there been some trend or fad that I’m missing out on that says “evening” or “going-out” clothes are now apropos office attire?  Maybe Serena is trying to start it?  In any case, I don’t think anyone would wear this to even a PR office.  This dress is too low-cut, too studded, and the piece de resistance is the laces down the sleeves….UGH! You can’t see it here, and I only caught a glimpse, but yes this dress was a mini and she had on what appeared to be over-the-knee boots as well. 


At first glance, Serena’s outfit seems way more appropiate for work than we are used to seeing on her, but then BAM…boobs! The cardigan is super-cute and has just enough embellishment down the front, but her tank underneath is quite revealing!  However, I really love the necklace…it does kinda work–in a non-office ensemble way. 


Here we see the bottom half, if you can call it a bottom half, more like a middle half.  Another of Serena’s now infamous mini mini-skirts! I really like this outift for some type of event or dinner, but seriously for work?  I can’t get over what Serena considers business attire…I think I may want to work for this Casey (KC?) woman!


The back of this top, there are no words.  Well, maybe one that keeps popping into my head: swimsuit.