Lots of characters this episode – Olivia is the only character “visiting an Aunt in Florida” (or, in this case, traveling to Japan) — but a fairly simple plot. Rufus and Lily have hit a rough patch, so geniuses that they are, they decide the best thing to do is get married immediately. As Serena and Blair scramble to plan the wedding, Chuck and Bree team up to take down Carter. Georgina reappears, threatening to reveal Scott’s secret unless Vanessa helps break up Dan and Olivia. Also, Eric gets at least three lines.


Serena starts off her morning in a tight dress – shocker – and a fabulous pair of red heels. If Carter wants to sell them to pay off his gambling debts (spoiler alert!), I’d be interested in making an offer.


Her accessories are great all around – love the giant studded bag and the long layered necklaces. I’m impressed that she has managed to find the one dress that, despite having a high neckline, still makes it look like you’re showing off cleavage. 


This dress is what separates Serena from us mere mortals. Whenever I plan my mother’s impromptu wedding, I wear jeans and a cute tank top, for maximum comfort. When Serena plans her mother’s impromptu wedding, she wears a cleavage-baring tight blue dress and a necklace made out of Roman shields. 


When I saw this dress, my first instinct was disbelief. Did Serena van der Woodsen really wear a dress that was wedding-appropriate? A dress that showed off only her cleavage, rather than most of her legs as well? 


No, no she did not. Good to see you’re keeping it wedding-appropriate, S. 


All the girls, in this ep, are wearing heavy wedge heels at the wedding. I’m not sure whether this is for comfort (having to stand on their feet for hours) or for fashion, but I am not a fan. I like a sexy stiletto, not a clunky wooden block. 


Love the hair, though. The tiny braids in an updo work for me, and her hair comes the closest to looking done out of all the teens. 


Blair doesn’t have a lot to do in this Humphreywoodsen-centric episode,  but her obvious  disdain for Bree almost makes up for it. Here she is at dim sum in a lovely floral dress with a long strand of pearls. Notice the way she’s clutching the table out of sheer hatred. 


This episode really made me notice how great the makeup artists are. Yeah, there’s no snark for this picture, but don’t worry – the makeup snark comes later.


Blair leading the girls in planning Lily and Rufus’s wedding: we never get a good view of her dress, although it appears to be a full skirt. I do love how, as soon as she’s tasked with anything, she changes into her “serious” wardrobe – see her prim librarian outfit from last week. At least this time her high-neckline is cute and frilly. Note: there was not a single good shot of her face in this scene, where she’s not mid-order.


I don’t know why her otherwise stellar wardrobe fell apart at the wedding, but man, did it. Dip-dye within the same color palette makes sense. Dip-dying from a pea green to dark puce? Yes, you can do it, apparently, but that doesn’t mean you should. Love the roses on the hem and the exposed tulle, and would love the dress if it were either of the two colors.  I mean, really, Blair. Two colors? Who do you think you are, Vanessa Abrams? 


And finally, the bride herself, Lily. Love the shot of an old wedding photo – although, I was so hoping to see Klaus’s face! It’s interesting, though, to see how little her style has changed.  


Love the high neckline on her – she has a beautiful neck for that cut. Also, does saying “she has a beautiful neck” sound really creepy? I kind of think it does. Oh well.


Getting ready the day of the wedding. Just the slightest view of dark jeans – Lily Bass owns jeans? The editors at <i>Lucky</i> must be thrilled to see someone actually wearing a tie-neck blouse  – they’ve been pushing the style for ages.


And finally, the wedding dress – a beautiful color and style. Jenny would totally have won the Project Runway challenge. 


From the back, a deep scoop that leaves me impressed with her support garments – I guess Hollywood Tape does work.  I have to say, I do think this dress is gorgeous.

And Lily teaches us that, if your hair normally looks well-groomed, we will all clearly recognize that, when it’s messy, it’s a styling choice. Take note, Vanessa.