You know what Jenny looks like here?  A cocky high school upperclassman, ready for her first day.  And that is just fine.


But, uh…did CB change its uniform policy?  I know that they seem to turn a blind eye to modifications and accessories, but Jenny isn’t even trying.  I mean…she’s not even wearing a skirt!


Another day, another uniform tossed aside.  Seriously, Writers…I do not understand this.  Please address this issue so I can rest my troubled overly-analytic head?


Want to see what Jenny wore to the movie premiere?  Well, here are the shoes….


…and here’s the rest!  Yeah, this is pretty much all that we saw.  But don’t fret, you can see the whole dress here. Well, when I say “whole” dress, please understand that “whole” is a relative term.  It’s more like 5/8 of a dress.


Jenny’s third school outfit.  Do I even need to say it, or have we reached the point where you can read my mind?  Aw, we have?  That’s nice.  🙂


Her bag.  I actually like this as a school bag.  Roomy enough for books, and believable for someone who has a rocker edge to their style.


But you know what’s not believable?  Carrying your books in your arms around campus.  I understand that bookbags are not so glamorous, but can we at least give them some hip big bags?  Vanessa would not be traversing NYU with books in hand!  Other than that SOB moment, I like the rest.  It’s patterned yet pretty, and she is not wearing 80 pieces of jewelry.


Speaking of jewelry, how much do you think V owns?  More to the point, how much can one fit into a tiny dorm room?  I know that I went to college in the dark ages, but I don’t believe that the amount of space alloted per student has suddenly grown to the point that you can accomodate such a huge collection of beaded necklaces.  As for the dress, I have mixed feelings.  On the one hand, it’s sort of fug.  On the other hand, it looks ok on V and I suppose it’s what she would wear to a movie premiere.


Again with the copious amounts of accessories.  WHERE IS SHE PUTTING ALL THIS STUFF??  Does she have some sort of magic storage system from Container Store?


Well, hello Hilary Duff!  Oops, you’re not Hilary.  You’re Olivia.  Sorry about that.  So Olivia, you’re a Mets fan, huh?  No?  But you’ve got the shirt.  And it’s all distressed so it’s probably been to lots of games and gotten a few beers and hot dogs spilled on it and as a result taken many trips through the wash….no?  But, but…  Huh.  Ok.


Some people start to itch and swell at the first sign of shellfish.  I have that same reaction to anything resembling the fashions of the 90s.  Those were DARK sartorial days, my friends.  We wore stupidly huge flannel shirts and clunky boots and it was all so ugly and sad.  Hilivia’s top reminds me of those days.  Don’t be like Hilivia.  Just Say No to flannel.


Hilivia’s a workaholic.  Case in point: even though she’s at the premiere for one movie, she’s concurrently prepping for her next role, in which she plays a cocktail waitress at Caesar’s Palace.


This is charming.  I like the color, the style is casual but cute, and I appreciate the fact that she’s got the same bag she had in a previous scene.  Apparently her side of the dorm room does not have a magic storage unit from Container Store for unlimited accessory options.