In an episode full of SOBs (Suspension of Belief…what did you think I meant?) we have: Dan dates a Really Big Star, who is never surrounded by fans or bodyguards, and another Really Big Star (aka NotTyra) befriends Serena because 18 year olds with no education or experiences always know best.  Also, Blair is immature and Chuck serves her a fresh cup of Grow The Hell Up.

This is a great Serena outfit!  The turquoise necklace is bold and looked fabulous with her green eye shadow.  The tank looks luxe but casual, and the jeans are perfect.  ::gasp…jeans!::  I just realized she’s wearing PANTS for the first time this season!  Do you suppose her thighs are wondering what happened to the light, and why is it so dark and stuffy in here?


Oh, and she has an awesome wrapped ponytail (love those!) which is wrapped with a braid.  There were lots of braids in this epi, but this is my favorite use of them.  BTW, I tried to do this on myself and failed.  I can only assume that Serena’s penthouse comes with an on-call hairstylist.  I should be so lucky.


Serena decides that she needs to Find Herself and the best way to do that is to get a job.  I personally think she’s staying in town just to simplify GG storylines, but don’t tell her (or Lily) that.  Anywho, I like this look.  It’s a bit too sexy for an average person to wear to a job interview, but Miss Serena van der Woodsen is no average mortal.  Anyone who can achieve the braided wrapped ponytail with no assistance clearly has superpowers.  The necklace is a great pop of color, and the studded bag adds a touch of disco glam.


Well, it’s a bit late 70s/early 80s, but I don’t hate it…


…but then, HELLO!  Ok, there is NO way that this shirt stays put without the use of adhesives, or at least superpowers.  Although there is a lot of metal on the sweater.  Maybe Serena’s breasts are magnetic?  OMG…YOU GUYS?  What if she’s a Fembot??


This is a good time for me to stay that I do NOT like the boyfriend jacket trend.  I think it looks dumb.  Why the hell would you put something so boxy and bleh on top of a pretty sparkly dress?


Oh.  Ok.  Well yeah, I’d probably cover that up, too.


Hey, I didn’t know Spanx come in purple!  Good to know.


Let’s check in on Blair, who has gone native and decided to start dressing like a normal college student.

Ha!  Kidding!  Let me first say that I think this dress is adorable.  It would be perfect for an internship interview, sorority rush, or any number of collegiate activities EXCEPT GOING TO A COFFEE HOUSE.  Well, then again…she did think she was going to a Masters of the Universe meeting.  Ok, I take it back, Blair Bear.  You rock on with your overdressed self!


This is silly.  She’s wearing this while getting ready for her infantile sleepover that none of the Constance girls stopped to think was creepily held by a former student who should have moved on by now?  The sexy librarian outfit only ups her crazy quotient.


This, on the other hand, is fabulous.  Lovely color and I like the style and beaded details.  It’s perfect for lounging around with high school students, or for trailing your boyfriend and a high school junior at a movie premiere.


I was about to ask why Blair is holding her bag while she’s in her own room, but then I remembered that she had just entered her room, and then I wondered who let the NYU Minions (you’ll see them in a bit) into her room since Geoginia is off in Boston, Up to No Good, and then I wondered why the minions were all sitting so close to each other.  But that’s a different post.  For now, I’ll just say that Blair’s outfit is pretty.


…and she’s rocking the Loubs!