Scott is the scorned love child of Rufus and Lily, but when it came time for his Lifetime Moment of Truth, uh, moment, the boy with a fondness for pin-striped button downs (and really, who doesn’t carry a fondness for those) just couldn’t deliver. Blair and Chuck continue their love games, Vanessa continues wearing her loud, Urban Outfitters inspired looks to compensate for her mehh personality, and Dan and his newly burgeoning biceps stood on the brink (hello alliteration) of having Georgina go from zero to crazy, after he sacked their sock time.


Dan the Man.  Literally.  You know you’ve left boyhood and Brooklyn behind when you’re making a fashionable morning after statement in a lumberjack-inspired look. 



Serena is rocking the flower child locks, and she looks lovely in her solid colored (take note Vanessa) frock, with just enough detail around the neckline to keep it interesting.  She looks so pretty and…innocent here.  Maybe that’s because it’s a close up.


Here’s a different shot of this look.  True to form, Serena’s got the zipper down “ever” so slightly…you know, just out for a casual walk in the park with her bff B.


As for her moment in the sun at Sotheby’s?  Oh Serena.  You’re so on trend in the cranberry, and clearly dresses like this were meant to show off a body you had to have spent hours slaving to create (because if you’re naturally blessed with looking like that, color us green with envy), but really, the neckline?  And no doubt it’s as short as Lilo’s fashion advising gig with Ungaro will prove to be…didn’t you ever listen to your mom when she said pick one asset to play up, not two? I guess Lily Van Der Woodsen isn’t known for her modesty…



And after Serena shimmied out of her cranberry dress, she needed a look to lounge around the house, exchange wistful smiles with her stepbrother, and look cute for Carter in:



I imagine S is thinking: I don’t want to look like I’m trying but in order to achieve that effect I have to actually try, which means spending hours teasing my hair into a messy ponytail so it looks like I’m just so busy fighting off the advances of every man in New York that I just threw up my hair, and oh yeah, I just threw on this vest over a red tank but the vest is actually pretty ornate so therefore it is rather heavy which is why I have this bemused look on my face because it hurts to have a facial expression other than bemused and I just picked this old thing out of my closet except not so much because it cost more than you NNY’s (non New Yorkers) could ever dream of spending on one piece and I got it from Bergdorf’s where I’m on a first name basis, and let’s face it, Christmas card recipient of all the associates but I’m an upper East Side princess so that’s one of the privileges I’m afforded, in addition to having a doorman and eating $30 salads for lunch and generally just having a jetsetting and gossip worthy life.  But yeah, this old thing?