Cut-offs, slightly shiny tank, vest, and one long necklace.  Who does this sound like?  A normal girl at the end of summer?  YES.  So happy to see a completely wearable look, and actually, I’ve worn a similar outfit before…


While I don’t quite understand the timing of this situation, it didn’t seem like Serena was going out for dinner, she was going out for the night, and yet Chuck was having a business meeting? I’m confused by that.  However, obviously what is important here is Serena’s ensemble, which I adore!  The skirt is not too sequin-y or overtly shiny, the tank has a slight sheen, and the ‘boyfriend’ style jacket tops it off perfectly.  The tan-ish, gray-ish neutral colors of the entire outfit are A-mazing.


Serena’s embracement of the boho-hippie look is complete with this romper.  It is super-duper (that’s right…I said it) cute!  It is immaculately accessorized; the color is soft, and just overall adorable.  I don’t think we ever got a shot of the shoes she wore with this, but I’m envisioning some type of gladiator heel…


Its official: Serena does not own anything that falls lower than the bottom of her butt cheeks.  I guess, if you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.  Although, I’m slightly confused with this pink thing she has on.  Is it a vest? Is it a scarf? Is it tie-dye…with Native American details?  In any case, the outfit kind of works—the booties and oversize bag are pretty fantastic.


Vanessa’s first day of college outfit is infinitely more appropriate than Blair’s.  Denim shorts and printed top.  Easy breezy.  But wait…did Vanessa have to pile on every piece of jewelry she owns?  I like the chunky braclets and rings, but it’s way too much with the feather earrings and chunky-ish necklaces.  You almost had it right girl!


Say it with me Georgina, “SUNLIGHT.” A little vitamin D doesn’t hurt anyone.  Maybe it’s just all the chunky gold necklaces or the dark tank, but I think she could pass as one of the Cullens.  Sorry to rip on you G, oh wait, your jeans already are!


These party outfits really go across the spectrum.  First we had Blair’s mustard costume, and then Georgina has on an overloaded sequined dress.  While I like it, didn’t anyone know exactly what type of party this was? It was outdoors….on a roof…with kegs.  I guess sequins and kegs are appropriate now.


Vanessa hits the mark in her frilly dress.  Totally appropriate and flattering.  The pic is a little dark, so I can’t quite tell what the print is, but I think I like it regardless.  Nice work.