Hey Chuck..love the orange print tie (Hermes?) and coordinating shirt!

Hey Chuck…love the paisley tie and striped shirt!

Hey Chuck…love the, uh…pocket square and peonies?

Nate, looking cute in a suit and tie.

Nate, looking cute in a different suit and tie. WHY SO MUCH REPETITION???

Remember when Dan wanted to be a writer? In this scene he explains to his dad that he’s decided to chuck that dream and enroll in drama school. Here he is, off to dress rehearsal for the revival of Oklahoma!

Damnit, now I’ve got that song running through my head.

Eric looks terrific. But Jenny….on what planet is this ensemble appropriate for a daytime high school graduation ceremony? Alpha Skanktauri?

It’s clear that the Humphrey-Woodsens are now living together, because Eric has raided Rufus’ closet. He has, however, chosen to button up the flannel shirt and omit the leather jewelry. Jenny breaks out of her fashion box with a black & grey top, silver & pearl jewelry, red lipstick, and heavily lined eyes. Way to try something new, Little J.

“Who, me? Looking fabulous and chic? Oh, well…I suppose….”

This is Lily’s last carefully orchestrated “waist-up” shot. They really did give her some great jewelry to detract attention from her belly. Bra-vo, costume department.

Vanessa also does the matchy St Jude graduation gown thing, just like Serena. This amuses me. I do not know why.

As usual, too much going on in this ensemble. You’ve got a blue/bronze ombre dress, big earrings, and cool beads. Individually they’re great pieces, but paired together it’s just too. Damn. Much.

::gasp:: Dorota, my pills!
I LOVE this outfit! She looks just stunning in this color and the jewelry is funky without being tacky. I’m about to pass out with delight.

I even adore the painter’s palette purse.
Seriously, where is Dorota with the pills??

This is Stalker Scott, Lily and Rufus’ love child. He sort of dresses like Rufus the ‘90s Rocker, but with less flair. In fact, if it weren’t for the late 2000s cell phone in his hand, I’d swear that this actor was in some ‘90s show like Felicity or Party of Five.

Look, it’s Georgina! Hello, crazy girl! We don’t see much of her outfit, but I do like her bag.