Serena and Dan go on a date. Blair intimidates Little J, and Jenny comes through. It’s only temporary, though. No one gets laid, but there is some brief girl-on-girl action.

Not much Serena in this episode…

Rock n’ roll is in the blood (what with Lily having been a groupie and all) and Serena channels that with this cool leather jacket and messy tie.

This is her date outfit. Except, it’s not, as you’ll see soon. She’s kind of got a southwestern thing going on here with the bag and the silver earrings. Interesting top, too.

Long shot. Silly girl, don’t you know those long scarves can be dangerous? Just as Isadora Duncan.

So, here’s the outfit she ended up wearing on the date. LOVE IT!

Uh-oh. Do NOT love the white tights. They remind me of ballet recitals. Bare legs would have been a better option.

Two kids out on the town. Aren’t they a charming couple?