Hee – K & I sport complimentary turbans and hippie shirts!


But then they don complimentary floppy crocheted hats, flowered dresses, and lacy gloves. Is there no end to their fabulous matching outfits? Do you think that when one goes shopping by herself, she buys two of everything? If one doesn’t like what the other has purchased, does she still have to wear the offending item? The mind boggles.


Jenny is super-cute and age appropriate in this pink cardigan, which covers a purple mini dress. Normally I don’t like bright plastic jewelry, but it works here.


Dan does his “casual cool” thing in a jacket with a Nehru collar, over a t-shirt and jeans…perfect for an UES brunch! (Or not.)


Rufus is cuuuuute in this episode. Love the leather necklace and the purple lining of his jacket. He’s the poster child for Former Rocker/Dad:


Lily goes for a pure Upper East Side look with a cream and black ensemble. Love the metallic jacket and the classic bag…is it a Kelly?


Oh, and big sunglasses – mustn’t forget those!


She sticks with cream and black for brunch:


Looking sad but still pretty in a ladylike blouse with crystal collar:


Chuck is a hot mess in this ensemble. From the neck up, he’s a 12 year old boy. From the neck down, he’s an elderly gay man attending the Kentucky Derby.


He should take lessons from Nate, who nails the look. Love the contrasting shirt with yellow tie!