Reign: No Exit  NEW!
King Henry's...a little tied up.
updated 4/20
The Mindy Project: Think Like a Peter
Apparently, all it takes is a sailor outfit for Peter to turn into the HOTTEST EVAR.
updated 4/18
New Girl: Big News
Winston, dressed like CeeLo, in a Prominent Chair.
updated 4/18
Glee: Grilled Cheesus [retro recap]
This episode may have been just an excuse for Kurt to wear a fabulous hat, and we're ok with that.
updated 4/17
Mad Men: Time Zones
It's 1969, aka The Death of Aspirational Fashion for Mad Men.
updated 4/16
Revenge: Allegiance
It's like Victoria just figured out she's on a TV show called Revenge.
updated 4/16