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Pretty Little Liars: Bloody Hell  NEW!
"A" goes international!
updated 2/28
Mindy Project: Danny Castellano is My Nutritionist
If only Mindy had worn a dress that was either white/gold or blue/black.
updated 2/27
New Girl: Spiderhunt
updated 2/27
Girls: Close Up
Meet Adam, he of poor dating decisions and fabulous breakfasts.
updated 2/26
Reign: Forbidden
It's Mothers Who Meddle: Marie vs. Cathy
updated 2/22
Downton Abbey: Season 5, Episode 7
Rose, you're supposed to be The Fun One. STOP DRESSING LIKE EDITH.
updated 2/17

Revenge: Kindred
Mama Louise wore white to her own daughter's wedding? Tacky, tacky.
updated 1/26