We Watched So You Don’t Have To: Still Star-Crossed

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Still Star-Crossed is a Shondaland show based on a YA novel based on a Shakespeare play and we are HERE. FOR. ALL. OF. IT. (Especially Prince Escalus)

Reign: Coup de Grace

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In which Mary comes to radically re-think her position last week that maybe things will get better with time.

Reign: The Shakedown

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Everything's on a medium-high simmer in all three courts, and we're just waiting for the explosion.

Riverdale: The Sweet Hereafter

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Jughead gets his Jordan Catalano on, Betty ups her outerwear game, and Archie makes everything worse in the season finale of our favorite new show.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Roasted By the Roast

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It's the roast of Michelle Visage, so get ready for plenty of hair and tit.

RuPaul’s Drag Race: 9021-Ho No She Betta Don’t Know Why I Am Saying This

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Just put Trinity and Shea in the top three and draw straws for the other one because I see the front runners and they’re streets ahead.

Pretty Little Liars: Power Play

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After seven seasons, the PLL's have finally started to notice how Aria never has to deal with the level of shit from A that the rest of them do. Maybe A really likes her outfits!

Riverdale – Anatomy of a Murder

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Riverdale has finally given us a teen show mystery … AND SOLVED IT. Take notes, PLL.

Reign: Dead of Night

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So much WTF-ery we had to expand our dossier to its longest yet: TWELVE WTFs. And if you thought that didn't include Cathy's descent into WITCHCRAFT then you don't know us at all.

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